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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
横流[おうりゅう, ouryuu] (n,vs) (arch) overflowing; flooding [Add to Longdo]
横流[よこながし, yokonagashi] (n,vs) diversion into illegal channels; putting on the black market; selling through illegal channels [Add to Longdo]
横流[よこながれ, yokonagare] (n) flowing into the black market [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
The affluent society they call it now, yeah --- Because anyone can drive a car.[CN] 这个物欲横流的社会 人人都在开私家车 The affluent society calls now, yeah. Because anyone can drive a car. Jungle Child (2011)
The material world can disappear in an instant.[CN] 物欲横流的世界会在瞬间消失 Gnothi Seauton (2008)
- It's about the subleased loan to Lafite. - That again?[JA] 例のラフィットへの横流しの件です ≪(田宮)また その話か➡ Episode #1.9 (2013)
They're selling our equipment on the black market?[JA] 官給品を横流ししてるってわけか Smile: Raid on Stohess District, Part 1 (2013)
She broke a story and then gave it to my biggest competitor.[JA] 特ダネを、最大の ライバル社に横流しする。 Manhunter (2016)
- What's does this Lafite do?[JA] そのまま横流しされてるみたいだ そのラフィットにか どんな会社だ? Episode #1.8 (2013)
Considering you have the lowest IQ in all of Scorpion,[CN] 水不静止 但依然横流 Little Boy Lost (2016)
ILLEGAL SALE OF FRUIT[JA] 麻薬の横流 Fresh Meat (2012)
You are the trap that I have fallen into.[CN] 水不静止 但依然横流 Little Boy Lost (2016)
I wanna see black and blue, Louis, I wanna see blood.[CN] Come back to me when they're visible. 我想看你鼻青脸肿 鲜血横流 I wanna see black Perestroika: Beyond Nelly (2003)
The streets ran with blood as the people fought to stay alive.[CN] 街道上鲜血横流 人们为生存打斗 Doomsday (2008)
So that means he used Tamiya Electric to divert funds to this could prove to be a crucial piece of information to bring Owada down.[JA] 自分の妻の赤字会社に 資金を横流しするために タミヤ電機を利用したってことか もし それが本当なら 大和田を追い込む 決定的なネタになる Episode #1.9 (2013)
Watch your drift here. Strong crosscurrents.[CN] 要注意观察漂流物,中尉,横流很强 Down Periscope (1996)
The best part is, they're routing money to a company that doesn't exist.[JA] 面白いのは、彼らは架空会社を通して お金を横流ししてるんだ The Accountant (2016)
So you shared the data with France.[JA] フランスにデー タ 横流ししたでしょ Shin Godzilla (2016)
Why such strong words against the material world?[CN] 为什么用那么强烈的措词 去对抗物欲横流的社会? Kennedy and Heidi (2007)
And these tapes, Your Honor, are pure carnality.[CN] 法官大人 这些录像可真是肉欲横流 The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)
I've given you a glimpse, Sherlock, just a teensy glimpse of what I've got going on out there in the big bad world.[CN] 我给过你提示 夏洛克 虽然只有一鳞半爪 我在这物欲横流的世界里苛求什么 The Great Game (2010)
Blood will surely flow on the day.[CN] 那天肯定会鲜血横流的. Shadow Games (2010)
Any of you come up that mountain,[CN] 物欲横流的地方 And the land of the slave? Messengers (2016)
I know you see yourself as a plucky heroine who broke a story as big as Watergate and then gave it to my biggest competitor, and I know you think that once the Daily Planet runs the story that you will have a fancy job there,[JA] あなたは、自分自身を 勇敢なヒロインと思ってる。 ウォーターゲート事件並の 特ダネを 最大のライバル社に 横流しする。 Falling (2016)
Okay, okay, okay, okay. I'm gonna kill you. Get up here, get up here.[CN] 水依然横流 加五十 Little Boy Lost (2016)
Streets are full of blood and bullet casings.[CN] 街上鲜血横流 到处都是弹孔 Powerless (2007)
Then a year later we found out that our intermediary had conspired all along to place our product in the hands of the Taliban.[JA] 一年たってその友人が― そのソフトをタリバンに― 横流ししていたと 分かった Care (2016)
You cannot allow such vile insinuations against your character to go undenied.[CN] 你不能允许这些影响你形象的恶劣言辞恣意横流 Paths of Glory (1957)
He felt his whole life turn, like a river suddenly reversing the direction of its flow, suddenly running uphill.[CN] 他觉得整个人生发生蜕变 如同黄河改道 四溢横流 Into the Wild (2007)
Yeah, I got this guy in Connecticut, Sam Gunderson.[JA] 軍艦の横流しをしてる サム・ガンダーソンという 男の所へ持って行け The Iceman (2012)
Of this hallucinogen? The drug could easily be mass produced[JA] 何のために幻覚剤を 横流しする必要が? The Dreamscape (2008)
You'd see your friends' blood flow?[CN] 你要看见你朋友的 鲜血横流 Danton (1983)
Or one of those really smelly French cheeses that ooze out everywhere when you cut them.[CN] 或是像那些臭死人的法国乳酪 一切开就汁液横流 Proof (2005)
I thought it was totally symbolic of our materialistic age.[CN] 我觉得象征的是现在这个物欲横流的年代 John and Mary (1969)
But being honest I think it's only human.[CN] 但说真的我觉得人欲横流 What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1986)
There was urine and feces flooded in my office.[CN] 我的办公室里屎尿横流 Donnie Darko (2001)
Did we redirect the 30 million we borrowed from Tokyo Chuo to Lafite?[JA] 東京中央から融資された3千万を ラフィットに横流ししたのか? Episode #1.8 (2013)
- "Sex In The Barnyard."[CN] - 《淫欲横流 Four Times that Night (1971)
Illegal transfer of prescription medication,dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming.[JA] 医療品の横流しに 任務放棄 不品行 Dog Tags (2008)
By massive dynamics' drug division. And what would be the black market applications[JA] 横流ししたグループに 関係しているはずです The Dreamscape (2008)
You think he was dealing the marijuana on the side?[JA] 君は 彼がマリファナを横流し してるんじゃないかと思ったんだね? Panama Red (2012)
aren't we?[JA] うちは 横流しした3000万を 立て替えて東京中央に返済してる Episode #1.9 (2013)
They siphoned weapons-grade uranium, got greedy, caused the meltdown.[JA] 横流しした 軍事用ウランが― メルトダウンした A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
In other words... the 30 million that Kyobashi Branch loaned to Tamiya Electric 5 years was diverted immediately thereafter to an apparel company called Lafite. happens to be Executive Director Owada's wife.[JA] つまり... 5年前 京橋支店から タミヤ電機に融資された3000万は その直後 ラフィットという アパレル会社に横流しされた Episode #1.9 (2013)
It's gonna get slower smuggling product with Grandpa Anus watching every move I make.[JA] ブツの横流しだが 少しペースを落とす クソジジイの監視が 厳しくて Abiquiu (2010)
Last time I checked, turning over stolen evidence to the V's is outside agency regs.[JA] 私はFBIじゃ無いですが 物証をVに横流しするのは 規則違反じゃ無いかなと Serpent's Tooth (2011)
And it's filled with people who are filled with shit[CN] 群聚着众人 恶臭横流 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
So, the fishermen... are illegally selling off goods to Fukuoka gangs?[JA] 船員が福岡のごろつきと 手を組んで 不法な横流しを してるってわけか Friend 2 (2013)
It was sexual chaos.[CN] 那是个肉欲横流的时代 Edward Mordrake: Part 2 (2014)
Emotions running wild. Love turns to despair, depression, hatred.[CN] 人欲横流 爱情变成绝望、沮丧、怨恨 Pheromone, My Lovely (1993)
Spears and shields![CN] 人死的时候屎尿横流 Men shit themselves when they die. The Spoils of War (2017)

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