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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
弥天大谎[mí tiān dà huǎng, ㄇㄧˊ ㄊㄧㄢ ㄉㄚˋ ㄏㄨㄤˇ, / ] a monstrous lie; a pack of lies [Add to Longdo]

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But I was the biggest liar of all.[CN] 可是自己却撒了个弥天大谎 Apostasy (1948)
Look, for every truth in that box, there's a lie out there in the real world.[CN] 听着 那个盒子里的每一个真相 都意味着在外界有一个弥天大谎 Pandora (2011)
You told a lie an odious, damned lie.[CN] 你说谎... ...撒了个该死的弥天大谎,凭我的灵魂说, 是谎话,恶毒的谎话! Othello (1995)
That's a blasted lie for a start.[CN] 这弥天大谎开头的 Carry On Camping (1969)
With a lie this big, we can get away with anything we want.[CN] 撒个弥天大谎 我们就可以摆脱任何我们想摆脱的了 Doomsday (2008)
It's all a lie.[CN] 这是个弥天大谎 Free Birds (2013)
Whopper.[CN] 弥天大谎 Harrigan (2013)
But we'll meet again later. These outsiders saw the giant lie at the heart of the economy.[CN] 这些人发现了经济中心的弥天大谎 The Big Short (2015)
Is a lie.[CN] 都是弥天大谎。 Is a lie. Gone Girl (2014)
That's not a quick lie from the brain. That's a whopper from the heart.[CN] 那不是在脑子里灵光一现的谎话 而是从心底产生的弥天大谎 The Secrets in the Proposal (2013)
And it was all a lie.[CN] 到头来居然都是个弥天大谎 Something Against You (2013)
It was the embodiment of "the big lie."[CN] 它就是"弥天大谎"的化身 It was the embodiment of "The big lie." La Catedral (2015)
- Or we go to Pontius Pilate and you can tell him your lies and I will tell him mine and we will see who is believed.[CN] 或者 我们去找比拉多 你可以跟他说说你的弥天大谎 我也说我的 看看他相信谁 Episode #1.2 (2010)
That's a lie. That's the biggest lie there is.[CN] 说谎 弥天大谎 Vatos (2010)
I'm not telling him today.[CN] 而这三天里 我却不得不瞒着这弥天大谎 Pilgrim Rick (2016)
Halo is a lie.[CN] "光环"是一个弥天大谎 Last Minute (2014)
But I also think it incomprehensible, how I convinced them of such a great lie.[CN] 不过连我自己也觉得不可思议 怎么会撒了那么一个弥天大谎 Kamikaze Girls (2004)
That is an outrageous lie, Your Honor.[CN] 这真是弥天大谎 法官大人 I Fought the Law (2012)
That was a big lie you made me believe[CN] 你知道你对我撒了一个 什么样的弥天大谎 So Young (2013)
Just another fucking lie, you know?[CN] 只是又一个弥天大谎 Bucky Fuckin' Dent (2013)
He's also very good at eliding past the parts that he doesn't think you want to hear, and using very careful language to avoid saying things he doesn't want to say while also avoiding any outright falsehood.[CN] 和言语的谨慎态度来表达任何弥天大谎,以防止 United States of Secrets (Part One): The Program (2014)
But it's a big, fat, stinking lie.[CN] 这是一个弥天大谎 I'll Try to Fix You (2012)
I'd say that's a whopper, Wayne. Isn't that a whopper?[CN] 要我说这可算是个弥天大谎了,韦恩 算不算啊? The Clearing (2004)
I Whopper Bagley promised protection.[CN] 我弥天大谎巴格利\ Npromised保护。 Harrigan (2013)
It's a lie.[CN] 弥天大谎 Katyn (2007)
- Best lies have the most truth.[CN] 弥天大谎大多充斥着真话 Alexandra (2011)
Trying to hold on to a big fat lie![CN] 想保持一个愚蠢的弥天大谎 Kronk's New Groove (2005)
All I i was craft a top-shelf lie to which a person with strength an heroism coul apply their talents.[CN] 我只是编了一个弥天大谎 让一个孔武而英勇的人能够发挥才能 Conquer (2015)
No, art is a lie, a big lie![CN] 不,艺术就是谎言... 一个弥天大谎! Underground (1995)
The big lie.[CN] 一个弥天大谎 Uh... Oh... Ah... (2013)
That's just a lie.[CN] -那是弥天大谎 Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (2012)
Is that you, Whopper?[CN] 是你吗,弥天大谎 Harrigan (2013)
I realized just how huge a lie the Party leaders told.[CN] 这才知道 党领导人对我们说了弥天大谎 The Battle of Chernobyl (2006)
And that's a lie, right?[CN] -你又说谎了吧 -弥天大谎 - And that's a lie, right? The Transporter Malfunction (2012)
Go ahead, Whopper.[CN] 来吧,弥天大谎 Harrigan (2013)
Here's a whopper for you.[CN] 这是一个弥天大谎你。 Magic Mike XXL (2015)
That seems to be how our justice system functions now.[CN] 还有愿意为此撒弥天大谎的人 这就是我们的司法系统运作的方式 Food, Inc. (2008)

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