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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
可怕[kě pà, ㄎㄜˇ ㄆㄚˋ, ] awful; dreadful; fearful; formidable; frightful; scary; hideous; horrible; terrible; terribly [Add to Longdo]

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What's awful about that?[CN] - 有什么可怕 The Carrot in the Kudzu (2014)
IT'S REALLY FRIGHTENING.[CN] 这真的很可怕 Not Cool (2014)
They will slip away into peaceful sleep like so many families caught by this terrible plague.[CN] 他们会沉入平静的睡梦中 像这次可怕的瘟疫中 很多感染的家庭一样 The Plague (2014)
You can't just dye your hair and blow a guru and absolve yourself of all the horrific shit that you have done in your life.[CN] 你不能只染頭髮和吹大師 並免除所有可怕的狗屎自己 你已經做了你的生活。 Karma (2014)
He looks so sick and I feel so awful.[CN] 他看起來很噁心 我覺得很可怕 Thank You (2014)
I think one scary moment would be, you know, a trigger point where someone panicked and saying, "Now look, you know,[CN] 我认为这最可怕的时刻终会到来 你知道 当有人感到害怕 然后说"你看" How China Fooled the World: With Robert Peston (2014)
It's just you now. I'm not scared.[CN] 你只有一个人,一点都不可怕 Night Flight (2014)
Something terrible's happened.[CN] 什么可怕的事情发生了。 Operation Rogue (2014)
Actually, ghosts aren't that scary.[CN] 其实鬼都不是那么可怕 Hung bou joi sin (2014)
This is awful.[CN] - 这太可怕 The Carrot in the Kudzu (2014)
Okay, well, I did something that will either make me look like a lovable goof or a horrible monster damned to spend eternity in hell.[CN] 要么是个恐怖可怕的怪兽 身陷地狱 永世不得超生 我觉得是呆萌 The Indecision Amalgamation (2014)
I'm a horrible person, aren't I?[CN] 我是一個可怕的人,不是嗎? Thank You (2014)
You know something, if this is so awful for you and you're looking for distraction...[CN] 你知道的 如果这个对你来说很可怕 而你在找什么可以分心的... Set Fire to the Stars (2014)
It's terrible![CN] 这是可怕的! Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014)
SCARY.[CN] 可怕的。 Not Cool (2014)
I'm a horrible little imp who can't hold his friends or answer his liquor.[CN] 我只是一个可怕的小顽童... ...一个不能留住朋友 或者喝酒的人 Set Fire to the Stars (2014)
Something horrible happened.[CN] 非常可怕的事情发生了 Minute to Win It (2014)
It sounded really bad.[CN] 聽起來真的很可怕 Gabby (2014)
I know that you have been through terrible hardship.[CN] 我知道你经历了可怕的困境 The Plague (2014)
♪ I want to do real bad things with you. ♪[CN] 你是可怕的安靜。 Almost Home (2014)
There were a whole series of developments which, for people who have gone through the financial crisis, are eerily reminiscent of some of the off-balance-sheet vehicles, the SIVs and the conduits, as we used to call them,[CN] 有一系列的产品开发 对这些经历过金融危机的人来讲 表外债务实在是可怕的回忆 How China Fooled the World: With Robert Peston (2014)
Eliminate the North Sea Gang once and for all... and let the people know who's is in charge.[CN] 把北海帮的余孽连根拔起来 让人好好见识一下你们的可怕 Rise of the Legend (2014)
You know the worst thing about dying on a u.N. Property?[CN] 你知道死在联合国大楼里 最可怕的是什么吗? Allegiance (2014)
She ran in the same sick circles.[CN] 也在這個可怕圈子裡 Gabby (2014)
Each one of my poisonous spikes means a terrible, horrible end.[CN] 我的每根毒刺都意味着可怕的恐怖的终结 Barbie: The Pearl Princess (2014)
I'm loyal to SadTech, sir, but this is a terribly odd thing to process.[CN] 先生 我忠诚于赛德科技 但是这么可怕的事情我需要时间 Waning Minute (2014)
Yeah, it's frightening.[CN] 是的,這是可怕的。 Korengal (2014)
The words "educational" and "poignant."[CN] - "深刻"和"教育意义"这两个词很可怕 The Carrot in the Kudzu (2014)
I suppose the devil's in the details, isn't it?[CN] 我想可怕的地方总是在细节 不是么 Rebirth (2014)
She's scary, but it's a cute scary.[CN] 她很可怕的 但是可爱型可怕 The Relationship Diremption (2014)
The Yakuza and some really just awful vampires, so I was really hoping I could hide here for just a few days.[CN] 黑幫 有些真的很可怕的吸血鬼, 所以我真的希望我能在這裡躲 Karma (2014)
Would it really have been so awful to tell me the truth?[CN] 告诉我事实有那么可怕 The Plague (2014)
I feel like we've made a terrible mistake.[CN] 我感觉我们犯了一个可怕的错误 Waning Minute (2014)
That right there is a terrible fuckin' idea is what that is.[CN] 這一權利是一種可怕的該死的想法是什麼。 Thank You (2014)
Awful, just awful![CN] 好可怕可怕 Girl's Blood (2014)
If someone dares to defy you, it's is because you're no longer a threat.[CN] 如果有人让你受委屈了 那就是因为你不可怕 Rise of the Legend (2014)
I've got perspective.[CN] 從我的角度來看,這一切都他媽的可怕 Almost Home (2014)
I included the local police reports from that area, as well, as the DOD meeting was on the same day as that horrible murder.[CN] 我还加上了当地警方在那个区域的报告 因为国防部这个会 就在那个可怕的凶杀案发生同天 Martial Eagle (2014)
It's absolutely fucking terrible![CN] 这是 绝对是他妈的太可怕了! Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014)
But he didn't.[CN] 但是事实并非如此,并决定在此情况下,"切尼"和"爱丁顿"与可怕 United States of Secrets (Part One): The Program (2014)
He must have something pretty terrible on you. Shooting an unarmed girl?[CN] 他肯定对你做了挺可怕的事 对一个没武器的女孩开枪? T.A.H.I.T.I. (2014)
I wanted to apologize for the terrible way you heard, and to express my condolences.[CN] 抱歉以这样可怕的方式通知你 请节哀顺变 Waning Minute (2014)
Whoever would've guessed me tossing Terrible Timmy out of the ring would literally land him in the lap of love?[CN] 谁也已经猜到我折腾可怕的提米出擂台 就字面上土地他爱的怀抱? Cat Run 2 (2014)
WHO FART ON EACH OTHER ALL DAY.[CN] 蟑螂似的可怕男生攻击 Zapped (2014)
Perhaps, worst of all,[CN] 也许是最最可怕 Castle Leoch (2014)
Death is scary.[CN] 死亡是可怕的。 Love Is to Die (2014)
That sounds awful.[CN] - 听起来太可怕 The Carrot in the Kudzu (2014)
Not that some wesen aren't more bestial than others.[CN] 當然有些偽森長得更可怕 Once We Were Gods (2014)
You are going to see some sad, depressing things and some real horrible things.[CN] 你会看到一些伤感, 郁闷的事情 而一些真正可怕的事情。 The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter (2014)
That's terrible.[CN] 这是可怕的。 Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014)

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