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Now, the winners will get epic bragging rights![CN] 胜出的队伍可以得到 Now, the winners will get 史诗级的自夸权利! epic bragging rights! Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
See, I'm a considerable gambler, if that isn't being too boastful and safety means much to me.[CN] 你看,我是个比较嗜赌的人 说句很自夸的话 安全因素对我是很重要的 Wild Card (2015)
Idon'twantto be tooboastfuleither, Mr.Kinnick, but you're talking to the only chaperone in all of Nevada.[CN] 我也不想太自夸,金尼克先生 但是你跟内华达州的唯一一个 "监护人"说话 Wild Card (2015)
A hero doesn't brag, he deflects.[CN] 英雄不自夸,而是赞扬别人 The Deep Web (2014)
Wonder, sir, how you found the time to hone such delicacy in your steps.[CN] 凯瑟琳夫人亲自夸过我的轻盈舞步 Lady Catherine herself has praised me on my lightness of foot. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)
Han, not cool to brag about yourself.[CN] Han 自夸是不行的 And the DJ Face (2014)
The best way to get him to leak intel is to get him bragging.[CN] 让他吐露机密最好的方式就是让他开始自夸 A Fractured House (2014)
So, all you phonies out there, the next time you think about calling yourself a hero, think again, 'cause Bud the Imposter Hunter is out there looking for you.[CN] 所以 所有还在逍遥法外的骗子给我听着 下一次当你想自夸自擂的时候 小心一点 因为骗子猎手Bud Stolen Valor (2014)
You did your best to write it, right, Michi?[CN] 虽然是在自卖自夸 Appeal (2017)
Toby: Is that arm a little sore Arroyo:[CN] 自夸自擂嘴巴不累吗 Is that arm a little sore from patting yourself on the back? Going South (2015)
Sometimes, you brag.[CN] 说的不对么? 你有时候就是喜欢自夸 Welcome to Paradise (2014)
Well, who else would I talk about?[CN] 只有你会把一桩惨案 变成自夸的理由 St. Lucifer (2016)

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