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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
ノート[のうと, nouto, nouto , nouto] (n ) สมุด, สมุดบันทึก
レポート[れぽうと, repouto, repouto , repouto] (n ) รายงาน

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
こういった[, kouitta] (exp) (See 言う,斯う) this sort of [Add to Longdo]
そう言った[そういった, souitta] (exp) (uk) like that; this type [Add to Longdo]
どう致しまして(P);如何致しまして[どういたしまして, douitashimashite] (int) (uk) you are welcome; don't mention it; not at all; my pleasure; (P) [Add to Longdo]
ドゥーイットユアセルフ(P);ドゥイットユアセルフ[, dou-ittoyuaserufu (P); douittoyuaserufu] (n) do-it-yourself; (P) [Add to Longdo]
安定同位体[あんていどういたい, anteidouitai] (n) stable isotope [Add to Longdo]
一高一低[いっこういってい, ikkouittei] (n,vs) rise and fall; frequent fluctuations (of the market price) [Add to Longdo]
一長一短[いっちょういったん, icchouittan] (n) (something having its) merits and demerits; advantages and disadvantages; good points and shortcomings [Add to Longdo]
運用委託[うんよういたく, unyouitaku] (n) mandate (e.g. to use resources); lease (e.g. to use facilities) [Add to Longdo]
横溢[おういつ, ouitsu] (n,vs) overflowing; inundation [Add to Longdo]
解離性同一性障害[かいりせいどういつせいしょうがい, kairiseidouitsuseishougai] (n) dissociative identity disorder [Add to Longdo]
活気横溢[かっきおういつ, kakkiouitsu] (n) being full of vitality (energy); in exuberant spirits; effervescent; ebullient [Add to Longdo]
気力横溢[きりょくおういつ, kiryokuouitsu] (n) being full of vitality (energy); in exuberant spirits; effervescent; ebullient [Add to Longdo]
驚異的[きょういてき, kyouiteki] (adj-na) wonderful; astounding; marvellous [Add to Longdo]
後逸[こういつ, kouitsu] (n,vs) letting (a ball) pass; missing (a grounder); error [Add to Longdo]
好意的[こういてき, kouiteki] (adj-na) favorable; favourable [Add to Longdo]
好一対[こういっつい, kouittsui] (adj-na,n) well-matched [Add to Longdo]
紅一点[こういってん, kouitten] (n) the lone woman (e.g. bright flower) in a group [Add to Longdo]
合一[ごういつ, gouitsu] (n,vs) unification; union; oneness [Add to Longdo]
情意投合[じょういとうごう, jouitougou] (n,vs) (coincidence of) mutual sentiment; sharing the same sentiment with somebody; finding oneself on the same wavelength as somebody; seeing eye to eye [Add to Longdo]
人工放射性同位体[じんこうほうしゃせいどういたい, jinkouhoushaseidouitai] (n) artificial radioisotope [Add to Longdo]
性同一性障害[せいどういつせいしょうがい, seidouitsuseishougai] (n) gender identity disorder [Add to Longdo]
精神統一[せいしんとういつ, seishintouitsu] (n) concentration of mind; mental concentration (on some task) [Add to Longdo]
相違点[そういてん, souiten] (n) (points of) difference [Add to Longdo]
大統一理論[だいとういつりろん, daitouitsuriron] (n) grand unified theory (physics) [Add to Longdo]
知行合一[ちこうごういつ, chikougouitsu] (exp) awareness comes only through practice [Add to Longdo]
知徳合一[ちとくごういつ, chitokugouitsu] (n) the unity of knowledge and virtue [Add to Longdo]
天井板[てんじょういた, tenjouita] (n) ceiling boards [Add to Longdo]
天下統一[てんかとういつ, tenkatouitsu] (n,vs) unification of the whole country [Add to Longdo]
天然放射性同位体[てんねんほうしゃせいどういたい, tennenhoushaseidouitai] (n) natural radioisotope [Add to Longdo]
統一[とういつ, touitsu] (n,vs) unity; consolidation; uniformity; unification; compatible; (P) [Add to Longdo]
統一スタンダード[とういつスタンダード, touitsu sutanda-do] (n) {comp} unified standard [Add to Longdo]
統一化[とういつか, touitsuka] (n) {comp} unification [Add to Longdo]
統一科学[とういつかがく, touitsukagaku] (n) unified science [Add to Longdo]
統一感[とういつかん, touitsukan] (n) sense of unity; sense of oneness; (P) [Add to Longdo]
統一教会[とういつきょうかい, touitsukyoukai] (n) Unification Church (religious movement started by Reverend Sun Myung Moon) [Add to Longdo]
統一見解[とういつけんかい, touitsukenkai] (n) collective view (opinion) [Add to Longdo]
統一公判[とういつこうはん, touitsukouhan] (n) joint trial [Add to Longdo]
統一行動[とういつこうどう, touitsukoudou] (n) joint action; acting in unison [Add to Longdo]
統一場理論[とういつばりろん, touitsubariron] (n) unified field theory [Add to Longdo]
統一性[とういつせい, touitsusei] (n) uniformity; integrity [Add to Longdo]
統一戦線[とういつせんせん, touitsusensen] (n) united front [Add to Longdo]
統一地方選挙[とういつちほうせんきょ, touitsuchihousenkyo] (n) nationwide local elections [Add to Longdo]
統一的[とういつてき, touitsuteki] (adj-na) united; unified [Add to Longdo]
統一法[とういつほう, touitsuhou] (n) Act of Uniformity [Add to Longdo]
同位体[どういたい, douitai] (n) isotope [Add to Longdo]
同一[どういつ, douitsu] (adj-na,n,adj-no) identity; sameness; similarity; equality; fairness; (P) [Add to Longdo]
同一化[どういつか, douitsuka] (n,vs) identification (with) [Add to Longdo]
同一原理[どういつげんり, douitsugenri] (n) principle of identity (logic) [Add to Longdo]
同一視[どういつし, douitsushi] (n,vs) class with; put on par with; regard in the same light as [Add to Longdo]
同一人[どういつにん, douitsunin] (n) the same person [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
統一スタンダード[とういつスタンダード, touitsu sutanda-do] unified standard [Add to Longdo]
統一化[とういつか, touitsuka] unification [Add to Longdo]
表意定数[ひょういていすう, hyouiteisuu] figurative constant [Add to Longdo]
同一分布[どういつぶんぷ, douitsubunpu] uniform distribution [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
統一[とういつ, touitsu] Einheit, Vereinheitlichung, Vereinigung [Add to Longdo]

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