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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
引き上げ(P);引き揚げ;引上げ;引揚げ;引揚[ひきあげ, hikiage] (n) (1) pulling up; drawing up; salvage; re-flotation; (2) raising; increase; upward revision; (3) repatriation; evacuation; (P) [Add to Longdo]
引き上げる(P);引上げる(P);引き揚げる;引揚げる[ひきあげる, hikiageru] (v1,vt) (1) to pull up; to drag up; to lift up; (2) to increase; to raise (e.g. taxes); (3) to withdraw; to leave; to pull out; to retire; (4) to return home; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
The boats are beached on shore.ボートが浜辺に引き上げられている。
Give me a hoist.引き上げてくれ。
Proponents of increased import duties are at odds with each other.関税引き上げの提案国はお互いに反目しています。
Working healthy people contribute to the repression of medical expenses, the raise of the beginning age of benefits and curtailment of its cost.健康であれば、当然医療費を抑制できる。健康であれば働くことが出来、年金支給開始年齢の引き上げと支給額の抑制に役立つ。
Will the government raise the consumption tax soon?政府は近々、消費税を引き上げるつもりなのかしら。 [F]
The wreckage of the ship was salvaged after it had gone to Davy Jones's locker.船が沈没してしまってのち、船の残骸が引き上げられた。
He retired to his own room after supper.彼は夕食後自室に引き上げた。
They drew their boat on the beach.彼らは船を岸に引き上げた。
She drew up the curtain.彼女はカーテンを引き上げた。
Laborers required raising of a salary of the manager.労働者達は経営者に給料の引き上げを要求した。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Here, pull it in.[JA] 引き上げ Ji Yeon (2008)
Fold it up.[JA] 引き上げ Star Trek (2009)
and then he'd pull their mouths open up to their eyes.[JA] 口を目の所まで引き上げ The Same Old Story (2008)
And you can depend on it that... . ..those privileges won't be stretched into taking your kind of advantages.[JA] 知っているのに、君はそれを当てにした・・ ・・ランクの権限は、君の仕事をする為に 引き上げられる事は無いのだ Forbidden Planet (1956)
It's like trying to lift a car.[JA] 車を引き上げようと しているのと同じだ。 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
15 minutes. That's the deal. We're leaving.[JA] 15分間 それが取り決めだ 引き上げ Rambo (2008)
Somebody pull me up.[JA] だれか、引き上げてくれ! Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)
He pulled us to the shore.[JA] 岸にまで引き上げてくれた The Arrival (2008)
Get your assets back to base.[JA] これはもう必要ないな 戦力を基地に引き上げさせろ Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
Pull it up![JA] 引き上げろ! Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (2005)
We've gotta get him in the raft.[JA] ボートに引き上げて! 息はしてる? There's No Place Like Home: Part 2 (2008)
Die, you wage-hiking scum![JA] 死ね 賃金引き上げ野郎! Zoolander (2001)
and tie it back in.[JA] ケーブルを引き上げてつなぎ直せ! Cat City (1986)
They say the old gods dipped a coral blade into the ocean... ... and when they pulled it out, four perfect drops fell back into the sea... ... and those drops became the islands of Japan.[JA] 古の神が剣を海に漬け... それを引き上げと 四つの雫が滴り落ち... それが日本列島になったそうな The Last Samurai (2003)
--Lee, Reel me in, black people dont fly come on man[JA] リー 落ちそうだ 引き上げてくれ Rush Hour 3 (2007)
The meeting is over. Retreat to your exits.[JA] ミーティングは終わりだ 引き上げるんだ The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Tracy really likes him. Then I start wondering why he'll only bring us here 5 minutes at a time.[JA] だが なぜか いつも5分見て引き上げ Se7en (1995)
Get him out![JA] 奴を引き上げ Pathfinder (2007)
Pull up![JA] 引き上げて! Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)
Just pull me up![JA] 引き上げて! Wrong Turn (2003)
Let me pull my pants up. I'll take you back to my place so we can be alone, okay?[JA] 私は私のズボンを引き上げてみましょう。 The Island (2005)
The detachment have placed the emergency climbing irons in the Wall to a height where you can stand, pull yourself and the lady over the top.[JA] 壁には 鉄のはしごが 打ってある 上に着いたら 女を 引き上げるんだ The Spy Who Came In from the Cold (1965)
Where?[JA] 引き上げられた死体だどこ? Orientación (2007)
And we take the girl and leave.[JA] 女を連れて俺たちは引き上げる。 Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Chewie, pull us up.[JA] チューイー 引き上げ Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)
"Lift the thigh high"[JA] モモを高く引き上げます Nankyoku ryôrinin (2009)
Don't be long. We're packing up soon.[JA] 急げ、まもなく 引き上げる。 Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
Storm coming, that's all we need! Will, let's go before it gets dark.[JA] 嵐ですよ あいにくですね 暗くなる前に引き上げましょう First Blood (1982)
You weren't so bad yourself. I... I guess we'd better get out of here.[JA] あなたも悪くなかったわ さあ 早く引き上げたほうが良さそうだ Roman Holiday (1953)
Yes, Hanson told me last nigh that he was pulling his money out of the movie--[JA] ハンソンは昨夜俺に この映画から金を 引き上げるって 言ったんだ A Dozen Red Roses (2009)
-No.[JA] よし 引き上げ Frailty (2001)
boys.[JA] 引き上げるぞ Hitman (2007)
- ready to land, the leader breaks on me...[JA] - 引き上げる時に釣り糸が切れた Kansas City Confidential (1952)
We must get the starships back into space.[JA] 船を宇宙空間へ 引き上げなければ Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2002)
I'll walk you to the station after I get the last one developed.[JA] 最後の写真 引き上げたら 駅まで送るから Heavenly Forest (2006)
Just pull me up.[JA] 引き上げてよ Wrong Turn (2003)
Let's boogie.[JA] 引き上げ Avatar (2009)
Oh, no. We'll never get it out now.[JA] そんな もう引き上げられない Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
We can use this ship to fly up there.[JA] この船を 母船に引き上げれバ District 9 (2009)
When you get up there, go ahead and hoist me up.[JA] 上まで登ったらわしを引き上げてくれ Up (2009)
Nero, order your men to disable the drill or I will...[JA] ネロ ドリルを引き上げ・・ Star Trek (2009)
And we were going up.[JA] 引き上げるまで The Arrival (2008)
Here in Malaysia, there is an almost overwhelming sense of euphoria, as the newly-elected prime minister has given this impoverished nation the gift of hope, promising to raise the substandard minimum wage and end child labour once and for all.[JA] ここ マレーシアでは新首相が 最低賃金の引き上げと 児童労働の廃止を きっぱりと公約したことで 国民の間に希望が戻り Zoolander (2001)
Little while after we left, a neighbor found a dog tied to a fence.[JA] 俺達が引き上げた少し後 近所の人が フェンスに犬が繋がれているのを見つけた Inner Child (2009)
We are in the process of bringing it up now.[JA] 今引き上げているところだ Sherlock Holmes (2009)
All right, don't be a dick, Richie.[JA] いじわるしないで 引き上げてちょうだい Wrong Turn (2003)
The car was recovered but her body was never found.[JA] 車は引き上げられたが 死体はなかった The Equation (2008)
Okay, let's wrap it up.[JA] 引き上げよう Someone's Watching Me! (1978)
- They brought a thing out of the water. Takada was studying it. That's what killed him.[JA] 海から引き上げてたモノが原因だろ? Chimera (2007)
Fetch a hook! Haul him aboard![JA] 引き上げるんだ! Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
引き上げ[ひきあげ, hikiage] Erhoehung [Add to Longdo]

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