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Tracie, come on!เทรซี่ เร็วเข้า A Walk to Remember (2002)
Hi, i'm tracie.สวัสดี ฉันเทรซี่ The Pickle Jar (2009)
- Tracie!TracieAlong Came a Spider (2001)
He's testing, Tracie.Er testet dich, TracieAlong Came a Spider (2001)
- Tracie!TracieAlong Came a Spider (2001)
Hold on, we're going to get you.Ah! Tracie, Geduld! Along Came a Spider (2001)
Tracie, come on!- Tracie, los! A Walk to Remember (2002)
Tracie Booker, eight years old.Tracie Booker, acht Jahre alt. Brotherhood (2014)
There's no sign of Tracie anywhere.Es gibt nirgendwo ein Anzeichen von TracieBrotherhood (2014)
Excuse me, um-- Have any of you seen Tracie Booker today?Entschuldigung, hat eine von euch heute Tracie Booker gesehen? Brotherhood (2014)
Malcolm walks Tracie to school every morning.Malcom bringt Tracie jeden morgen zur Schule. Brotherhood (2014)
Tracie?TracieBrotherhood (2014)
I already told Agent Lennox about Malcolm and Tracie.Ich habe Agent Lennox gerade von Malcom und Tracie erzählt. Brotherhood (2014)
Tracie, do you still have your squirt gun?Tracie, hast du noch deine Wasserpistole? Brotherhood (2014)
Actually, you'll be seeing Tracie later today.Eigentlich wirst du Tracie bereits heute später sehen. Brotherhood (2014)

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magistracies    (n) (m a1 jh i s t r @ s i z)

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Richteramt {n} | Richterämter {pl}magistracy | magistracies [Add to Longdo]

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