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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
実習[じっしゅう, jisshuu] (n) ฝึกงานภาคปฏิบัติ

Japanese-Thai: Saikam Dictionary
工場実習[こうじょうじっしゅう, koujoujisshuu] Thai: ฝึกงานในโรงงาน English: training in the factory

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
教育実習[きょういくじっしゅう, kyouikujisshuu] (n) teaching practice; teaching practise [Add to Longdo]
教育実習[きょういくじっしゅうせい, kyouikujisshuusei] (n) student teacher; trainee teacher [Add to Longdo]
工場実習[こうじょうじっしゅう, koujoujisshuu] (n) coop; internship [Add to Longdo]
実習[じっしゅう, jisshuu] (n,vs,adj-no) practice; practise; training (esp. practical and hands-on); drill; (P) [Add to Longdo]
実習[じっしゅうせい, jisshuusei] (n) trainee; intern [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
In addition to the general curriculum there are tutorials in the essentials of machinery, training is also carried out for skills in and learning how to use the various types of machinery.普通科目の他に機械についての基礎的な事柄を学習し、 各種の機械の使用法や技術を身につける実習などを行います。
Just getting one-to-one guidance was enough to make it an extremely fulfilling practise session.マンツーマンで指導して頂けたという点でも、非常に充実した実習になった。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
They actually have fun learning all that stuff... running around, helping each other.[JA] 皆 実習を楽しんでたし― 走り回って お互い助けあってた Over (2015)
It's our junior intern. She's first week. Still very nervous.[JA] 彼女は実習1週目でした Sexy Rollercoasters (2017)
Okay. But I'm working now, and so should you.[JA] でも今は実習中でしょ? Found (2015)
She wanted to sit this one out.[JA] 彼女 この実習は やりたくないみたいね Clear (2016)
This week's exercise is about going undercover.[JA] 今週の実習は 潜入捜査 Found (2015)
Hey. Get these off 'cause we're about to start the...[JA] 手錠を外せよ これから実習を... Clue (2016)
We've been on training the last 4 times out.[JA] 実習なら4回で終えたろ Kill Command (2016)
And our future is on the other side of the border.[JA] 実習に集中した方がいいわ - これじゃ落第よ Care (2016)
Today's exercise will show me how they're really doing.[JA] 今日の実習で 実態が分かるだろう Clue (2016)
Oh, um, no, um, I wanted to actually talk to you about the exercise.[JA] 違います 私が話したいのは 純粋に実習のこと Answer (2016)
Trainee Parrish, you have just failed this exercise.[JA] パリッシュ訓練生 実習は失格 Clear (2016)
This doesn't go off.[JA] しかし、実習前に... Kill Command (2016)
Getting eliminated from the surveillance drill - so we could... - ...increased bombings and shootings.[JA] 監視実習をサボって あの時 僕たちは... Over (2015)
I have a job to do.[JA] 今は実習中だ Care (2016)
I took his epidemiology class at Columbia, and then I interned for him.[JA] 彼の疫学クラスを コロンビアで学び − その後 彼の実習生に Bone May Rot (2015)
"Do you understand your rights as I've explained them?"[JA] "午前11時32分 逮捕実習" 「以上の権利を理解したか? 」... Clue (2016)
Well, you know, let me make it a little better.[JA] 実習だけど... ちょっと手を回した Care (2016)
Alex, how's the assignment going?[JA] 実習はうまく行ってるか? Care (2016)
We have hardware in the field where we would be testing.[JA] 実習装置の点検を兼ね... Kill Command (2016)
Did Guardian S.A.R unit order Reaper 5 unit into training?[JA] S. A. R監視団が 《Reaper 5》班に 実習を課したの? Kill Command (2016)
Don't forget they vetted our applications for background checks.[JA] 奴らは 身元調査の実習で 我々の経歴を知ってるのよね Alex (2016)
Exercise is now on.[JA] <実習を開始しました> Kill Command (2016)
This exercise is the only thing keeping the words[JA] こうして実習してても― Over (2015)
You're 15 minutes into the exercise.[JA] "監視 実習" God. (2015)
Why? Because we know that the exercise was not fair.[JA] 実習で不正が あったからよ Alex (2016)
Since my internship will be starting in December,[JA] (悠里子)12月から 病院実習が始まるんだけどね Is She Just Best of Three? (2015)
Perhaps the most searing insights into one another that I have seen in my time here.[JA] 今までの実習で 一番見事な分析だった Cover (2015)
Looks like some kind of training.[JA] さながら、"実習"訓練だな Kill Command (2016)
Welcome to TEVOC...[JA] 午前7時 TEVOC 障害回避運転実習 Answer (2016)
They're gonna need you today.[JA] 今日の実習では 君が皆の支えになるだろう Clue (2016)
Is this part of the exercise?[JA] これも実習 Over (2015)
I loved being in that room.[JA] 実習を見学して― America (2015)
Go on. The exercise was built on information provided to us by you.[JA] 実習は教官からの 情報に基づいている America (2015)
But I got the last exercise.[JA] でも前の実習は 私がやりました Clear (2016)
Why are we here, Mills?[JA] "実習"の目的は? Kill Command (2016)
I-I told Shelby that I'm gonna run some arrest procedures with her, so I'll find you before class.[JA] シェルビーと逮捕手順の 実習をやらないと... 授業前に会いましょう Guilty (2015)
Psychological profiling was last week, Shelby.[JA] 性格分析の 実習は終ったわよ Kill (2015)
Hope you're well-rested 'cause things are about to get fast.[JA] 昨夜よく眠れたか? この実習はキツイぞ Answer (2016)
This drill is simple.[JA] この実習は 単純だ Clue (2016)
With the training?[JA] 実習に? Kill Command (2016)
How about we get eliminated from this futile exercise on purpose so we can have a real conversation without everyone around?[JA] こんな無駄な 実習やめない? 二人きりでゆっくり お話しましょうよ God. (2015)
And how you deal with it is the focus of today's exercise... crisis management.[JA] 今日の実習では その対処法を学ぶ つまり危機管理だ Clue (2016)
Intel came back that Miranda's computer wasn't with her assistant.[JA] "監視 実習 経過時間 03: 06: 25" God. (2015)
- I... - With lessons you can blame?[JA] "実習" 受けない? Attraction (2017)
I mean, everybody assumes that parents love their kids unconditionally, but we've run case studies on things like that.[JA] 「親は子供を無条件に愛する」 って言うけど― ここでの実習で 現実の事件を調べて― Care (2016)
When will the training program be complete?[JA] 実習課程は "いつ"完了する? Kill Command (2016)
I'm telling you this now because... you were right about me, just like you were right about the exercise.[JA] 要は 君の僕への分析は 正確だったってこと 今日の 実習のようにね America (2015)
This exercise was set up for you to fail.[JA] これはあなた達を騙す ための実習 America (2015)
I-I mean, there's always a twist to these exercises, and you put an extra body in our pile, didn't you?[JA] ここの実習では いつもどんでん返しがあった だから まだ別の偽物が... Guilty (2015)

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