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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
湾里[Wān lǐ, ㄨㄢ ㄌㄧˇ, / ] Wanli district of Nanchang city 南昌市, Jiangxi [Add to Longdo]
湾里[Wān lǐ qū, ㄨㄢ ㄌㄧˇ ㄑㄩ, / ] Wanli district of Nanchang city 南昌市, Jiangxi [Add to Longdo]

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Destroyers and sub chasers are going to be as thick as whores on market street.[CN] 这海湾里的驱逐舰和猎潜舰就和 红灯区的窑姐那么多 Part I (1988)
The main road from the airport starts well on the hard volcanic rock, but peters out at a rocky bay full of basking seals.[CN] 从机场出来的大路一开始,是建在坚硬的火山岩石上,十分不错, 但到了一个岩石海湾的时候,就逐渐消失了。 这个海湾里,遍布海豹,他们正享受着日光浴。 Full Circle with Michael Palin (1997)
We don't have time to cross the Atlantic, but Paulino offers me a trip round the bay.[CN] 我们没时间横穿大西洋,但 保里诺 同意让我在水湾里转转。 Full Circle with Michael Palin (1997)
The leg was scooped up in the Gulf.[CN] 断腿是从海湾里捞起来的 Musician Heal Thyself (2014)
We did get silent approval from headquarters... but if they raise hell on the Ark... the Maritime Safety Agency and the Harbors Bureau won't keep quiet.[CN] 虽然总部已经默许我们的行动 但要在东京湾里大干一场 海上保安厅或公安局那些人 是不可能不说话的 Patlabor: The Movie (1989)
It sank in the Gulf of Mexico.[CN] 都沉到墨西哥湾里 Enemies Foreign (2010)
Pretty hard to make contact with the people, when you're out floating in the Golf of Tonkin.[CN] 当你在越南北部东京湾里漂浮时 很难和人有接触 Wild at Heart (1990)
We had to build a pool to swim in the most beautiful bay in the world, the bay which has become dangerous to our health.[CN] 我们只能在世界上最美的海湾里造泳池游泳 这个海湾已对我们的健康构成了威胁 Planet Ocean (2012)
-Wormsley, over there. In that cove.[CN] - 沃姆斯利,就在那里,在那个小港湾里 The Water Horse (2007)
Did you have to literally slam a door on the FBI's face?[CN] 通向庞恰特雷恩湖 断腿是从海湾里捞起来的 这怎么解释 Yankee White (2003)
Out in the middle of a beautiful fishpond.[CN] 我们一起在这个漂亮的海湾里 Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991)
He took half of Richard's spear.[CN] 它跑进海湾里 还把理查的鱼叉咬掉一半 Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991)

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