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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
横流[おうりゅう, ouryuu] (n,vs) (arch) overflowing; flooding [Add to Longdo]
横流[よこながし, yokonagashi] (n,vs) diversion into illegal channels; putting on the black market; selling through illegal channels [Add to Longdo]
横流[よこながれ, yokonagare] (n) flowing into the black market [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Then a year later we found out that our intermediary had conspired all along to place our product in the hands of the Taliban.[JA] 一年たってその友人が― そのソフトをタリバンに― 横流ししていたと 分かった Care (2016)
You cannot allow such vile insinuations against your character to go undenied.[CN] 你不能允许这些影响你形象的恶劣言辞恣意横流 Paths of Glory (1957)
The affluent society they call it now, yeah --- Because anyone can drive a car.[CN] 这个物欲横流的社会 人人都在开私家车 The affluent society calls now, yeah. Because anyone can drive a car. Jungle Child (2011)
aren't we?[JA] うちは 横流しした3000万を 立て替えて東京中央に返済してる Episode #1.9 (2013)
So that means he used Tamiya Electric to divert funds to this could prove to be a crucial piece of information to bring Owada down.[JA] 自分の妻の赤字会社に 資金を横流しするために タミヤ電機を利用したってことか もし それが本当なら 大和田を追い込む 決定的なネタになる Episode #1.9 (2013)
Watch your drift here. Strong crosscurrents.[CN] 要注意观察漂流物,中尉,横流很强 Down Periscope (1996)
The best part is, they're routing money to a company that doesn't exist.[JA] 面白いのは、彼らは架空会社を通して お金を横流ししてるんだ The Accountant (2016)
In other words... the 30 million that Kyobashi Branch loaned to Tamiya Electric 5 years was diverted immediately thereafter to an apparel company called Lafite. happens to be Executive Director Owada's wife.[JA] つまり... 5年前 京橋支店から タミヤ電機に融資された3000万は その直後 ラフィットという アパレル会社に横流しされた Episode #1.9 (2013)
So you shared the data with France.[JA] フランスにデー タ 横流ししたでしょ Shin Godzilla (2016)
You'd see your friends' blood flow?[CN] 你要看见你朋友的 鲜血横流 Danton (1983)
Or one of those really smelly French cheeses that ooze out everywhere when you cut them.[CN] 或是像那些臭死人的法国乳酪 一切开就汁液横流 Proof (2005)
- It's about the subleased loan to Lafite. - That again?[JA] 例のラフィットへの横流しの件です ≪(田宮)また その話か➡ Episode #1.9 (2013)

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