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Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ยมบาล[n.] (yommabān) EN: Prince of Devils ; guardian of hell ; guardian of the underworld ; torturer of the dead   FR: gardien de l'enfer [m]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
獄卒[ごくそつ, gokusotsu] (n) prison guards; hell's tormenting devils [Add to Longdo]
三悪[さんあく;さんなく;さんまく, san'aku ; sannaku ; sanmaku] (n) (1) (abbr) {Buddh} (See 三悪道・さんあくどう) the world of hungry spirits and the world of animals; three evil worlds hell; (2) (さんあく only) three evils (e.g. prostitution, drugs and venereal diseases) [Add to Longdo]
時弊[じへい, jihei] (n) evils of the times [Add to Longdo]
宿悪[しゅくあく, shukuaku] (n) {Buddh} old evils; evils committed in a previous existence [Add to Longdo]
積悪[せきあく, sekiaku] (n) many sins; long-standing evils [Add to Longdo]
痛し痒し[いたしかゆし, itashikayushi] (exp) delicate or ticklish situation; choice of two evils; mixed blessing [Add to Longdo]
漬麺[つけめん, tsukemen] (n) spiced noodles (ultra hot noodles from spicy ramen shops); devils noodles [Add to Longdo]
渡る世間に鬼はない;渡る世間に鬼は無い[わたるせけんにおにはない, watarusekennionihanai] (exp) (obsc) there are no devils in this world; all humans are good at heart (even though they may appear frightening) [Add to Longdo]
党弊[とうへい, touhei] (n) party evils [Add to Longdo]
悲歌慷慨[ひかこうがい, hikakougai] (n,vs) indignant lamentation over the evils of the times [Add to Longdo]

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