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English-Thai: Nontri Dictionary
satisfactorily(adv) อย่างสมปรารถนา,อย่างพอใจ,อย่างหนำใจ,อย่างสาแก่ใจ

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ฉาบฉวย[adv.] (chāpchūay) EN: sloppily ; perfunctorily ; carelessly ; roughly   FR: rapidement ; sans réfléchir ; grossièrement ; sans soin ; n'importe comment ; de façon superficielle ; à la légère ; négligemment

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ちんたら[, chintara] (adv,adv-to) (on-mim) dilatorily; sluggishly [Add to Longdo]
口の減らない[くちのへらない, kuchinoheranai] (adj-f) (See 口が減らない) always having a comeback (often used derogatorily); fast-talking [Add to Longdo]
達磨歌[だるまうた, darumauta] (n) (obsc) confusing song or poem (esp. used derogatorily to describe a style of middle-age Japanese poetry popularized by Fujiwara no Teika) [Add to Longdo]
有無を言わさず[うむをいわさず, umuwoiwasazu] (exp,adv) (See 有無を言わせず) peremptorily; willy-nilly; forcibly [Add to Longdo]
有無を言わせず[うむをいわせず, umuwoiwasezu] (exp) peremptorily; willy-nilly; forcibly [Add to Longdo]
碌すっぽ;陸すっぽ;碌ずっぽ(ateji);碌すっぽう(ateji)[ろくすっぽ(碌すっぽ;陸すっぽ);ろくずっぽ(碌ずっぽ);ろくすっぽう(碌すっぽう), rokusuppo ( roku suppo ; riku suppo ); rokuzuppo ( roku zuppo ); rokusuppou ( roku ] (adv) (uk) (before neg. verb) (not) enough; (in)sufficiently; (un)satisfactorily [Add to Longdo]

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