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Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
บาท[n.] (bāt) EN: baht (unit of weight equal to 15 grams)   FR: baht [m] (unité de poids équivalant à 15 grammes)
โปรแกรมช่วยต่าง ๆ[n. exp.] (prōkraēm chūay tāng tāng) FR: divers programmes utilitaires ; divers logiciels utilitaires ; divers utilitaires
รายการโทรทัศน์[n. exp.] (rāikān thōrathat) EN: television programmes ; programs   FR: programme de télévision [m] ; émission de télévision [f]

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
grammes    (n) (g r a1 m z)

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
モニター(P);モニタ[, monita-(P); monita] (n) (1) {comp} (computer) monitor; (n,vs) (2) consumer who comments on products, television programs, etc. (programmes); (3) {comp} (See カウンター・4,モニ) program or utility that monitors a program or activity; (P) [Add to Longdo]
授産[じゅさん, jusan] (n) sheltered work programs; sheltered work programmes; providing with work; giving employment [Add to Longdo]
本数[ほんすう, honsuu] (n) number of long thin objects (movies, TV programs, baseball games, etc.) (programmes); (P) [Add to Longdo]

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