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Possible hiragana form: えい
ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Eight.- 7... 8 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Eight.Here Comes the Flood (2008)
- Eighty.- 80 Friends with Benefits (2011)
Eight.The Hunger Games (2012)
Going to yale either?ไป Yale เนี่ยนะ ฉัน . New Haven Can Wait (2008)
I mean, he's not an afternoon person either.และกลางวันก็คงจะไม่เหมือนกัน New Haven Can Wait (2008)
After so much scorched earth, can either side claim victory?หลังจากศึกใหญ่ทำเอาทั้งคู่แย่แทบจะอ้างไม่ได้เลยว่าฝ่ายไหนชนะ? New Haven Can Wait (2008)
And you ain't gonna be able to give me one, either,และคุนก็ไม่เคยแม้แต่จะพยายามทำให้ผมเชื่อ Chuck in Real Life (2008)
Eight letters. Three syllables.แค่ 8 ตัวอักษร 3 พยางค์ Chuck in Real Life (2008)
The fact is, either you feel something here or you don't.ความจริงคือ คุณรู้สึกบางอย่างตอนนี้เหมือนกันหรือคุณไม่ There Might be Blood (2008)
I've known Chloe since the eighth grade, and... we've been through a lot together.เราก็เป็นเพื่อนกันมาตลอด ҡ͹ѹҵʹ Committed (2008)
Either way, I'm saving you both a lot of unnecessary pain.คนอกหักก็เหมือนร่างไร้วิญญาณ Committed (2008)

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
eiThe gate is closed at eight.
eiHalley's Comet comes round once every eighty years.
eiIf you don't go, I won't, either.
eiEither of the two roads leads to the station.
eiSchool begins at half past eight.
eiThere are forty-one teachers and about eight hundred students in this school.
eiA dumb person in the society is not height of intelligence but no amount of knowledge either.
eiThey are now either in Kyoto or in Osaka.
eiDepending on which you think of as the main point, either is OK.
eiI was eighteen then.
eiWe were allowed to speak either in English or in Japanese.
eiChoose either one or the other.

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
ein...mono [Add to Longdo]
Eiter {n} [med.]pus [Add to Longdo]
Eifer {m}zeal [Add to Longdo]
einsetzento patch [Add to Longdo]
eintippento type [Add to Longdo]
Einstich {m}trepan [Add to Longdo]
Einfluss {m}clout [Add to Longdo]
Einfluss {m}leverage [Add to Longdo]
Einzahlung {f}deposit [Add to Longdo]
ein erster kleiner Anfangthe thin end of the wedge [Add to Longdo]
eine Angabea piece of data [Add to Longdo]
einen Anschlag machento put a notice up [Add to Longdo]
ein Anschlag auf attempt on someone's life [Add to Longdo]
eine großzügige Auffassung vertretento take a broad view [Add to Longdo]
eine unterschiedliche Auffassunga slight variance of opinion [Add to Longdo]

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From Dutch-English Freedict dictionary [fd-nld-eng]:

  ei [ɛi˘]

From German-English Freedict dictionary [fd-deu-eng]:

  Ei [ai] (n) , s.(n )

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