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Possible hiragana form: だてん
Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
打点[だてん, daten] (n) จุดเชื่อม

German-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
Daten(n) |pl| ข้อมูล, See also: die Angaben
Soldaten(n) |pl.|, See also: der Soldat

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Datenart {f}data typ [Add to Longdo]
Daten {pl} | analoge Daten | betriebliche Daten {pl} | personenbezogene Daten | strukturierte Daten | ungültige Daten | veraltete Datendata | analogue data | operational data | personal data | structured data | bad data | decaying data [Add to Longdo]
Daten aufrufento activate a file [Add to Longdo]
Daten zerstören; Dateien beschädigen [comp.]to mung data [coll.] [Add to Longdo]
Datenmanipulation {f}; Bearbeitung von Daten {f} [comp.]data munging [Add to Longdo]
Daten {pl}; Angaben {pl}; Einzelheiten {pl}; Unterlagen {pl}data [Add to Longdo]
Datenabruf {m}data retrieval [Add to Longdo]
Datenarchiv {n}storage archive [Add to Longdo]
Datenaufbereitung {f}data preparation [Add to Longdo]
Datenaufzeichnung {f} [comp.]data recording; data journalling; data logging [Add to Longdo]
Datenausgabe {f}data output [Add to Longdo]
Datenaustausch {m}data exchange [Add to Longdo]
Datenaustausch {m}; transfer {m}messaging [Add to Longdo]
Datenbank {f} | Datenbanken {pl}database; data base | databases [Add to Longdo]
Datenbank {f}data warehouse [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
伊達の薄着[だてのうすぎ, datenousugi] (exp) wearing light clothes for the sake of fashion [Add to Longdo]
育ての親[そだてのおや, sodatenooya] (n) foster parents [Add to Longdo]
画蛇添足[がだてんそく, gadatensoku] (n) making an unnecessary addition (to); gilding the lily [Add to Longdo]
四頭立ての馬車[よんとうだてのばしゃ, yontoudatenobasha] (n) coach and four; four horse coach [Add to Longdo]
生みの親より育ての親[うみのおやよりそだてのおや, uminooyayorisodatenooya] (exp) (id) A foster parent is dearer than a real parent [Add to Longdo]
堕天使[だてんし, datenshi] (n) fallen angel; demon [Add to Longdo]
打点[だてん, daten] (n) runs batted in; RBI; (P) [Add to Longdo]
溶接打点[ようせつだてん, yousetsudaten] (n) welding point [Add to Longdo]
韋陀天[いだてん, idaten] (n) {Buddh} Wei-To (temple guardian sometimes confused with Vajrapani) [Add to Longdo]
韋駄天[いだてん, idaten] (n) (1) {Buddh} Skanda (swift-footed guardian deity); (2) great runner [Add to Longdo]

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From German-English Freedict dictionary [fd-deu-eng]:

  daten [daːtən]

From German-English Freedict dictionary [fd-deu-eng]:

  Daten [daːtən] (n) , pl.
     data; dates

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