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English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
deprecative(เดพ'ระเคทิฟว) adj. ซึ่งคัดค้าน,ซึ่งติเตียน,ซึ่งดูถูก, Syn. deprecatory
imprecation(อิมพระเค' เชิน) n. การสาปแช่ง, การแช่ง, การแช่งด่า, Syn. execration

English-Thai: Nontri Dictionary
deprecation(n) การต่อต้าน,ความไม่เห็นด้วย,การคัดค้านความชิงชัง
imprecation(n) การแช่ง,การสาป,คำสบถ

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
迂生[うせい, usei] (pn) (arch) (male) self-deprecating first person pronoun used in letters [Add to Longdo]
迂拙[うせつ, usetsu] (n) (1) (arch) (male) poor and careless way of living; (2) self deprecating first person pronoun [Add to Longdo]
迂叟[うそう, usou] (n) (arch) (male) self deprecating first person pronoun used by the elderly [Add to Longdo]
快便[かいべん, kaiben] (n) (pleasantly smooth) defecation [Add to Longdo]
自嘲[じちょう, jichou] (n,vs) self-deprecation; self-derision; self-mockery; laughing at oneself [Add to Longdo]
粗酒粗肴[そしゅそこう, soshusokou] (n) cheap wines and unpalatable dishes (a modest (self-deprecating) way of offering a meal to a guest) [Add to Longdo]
排便[はいべん, haiben] (n,vs) defecation [Add to Longdo]
野糞[のぐそ, noguso] (n) (vulg) (See 糞) defecation outside [Add to Longdo]
用便[ようべん, youben] (n,vs) defecation; urination [Add to Longdo]
籌木[ちゅうぎ, chuugi] (n) small block of wood used to clean one's buttocks after defecating [Add to Longdo]

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