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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
着魔[zháo mó, ㄓㄠˊ ㄇㄛˊ, / ] obsessed; bewitched; enchanted; as if possessed [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
He's a perfectly normal husband in other respects but this really seems to have got hold of his mind.[CN] 在其他方面 他是个完全正常的丈夫 但这件事 似乎让他着魔 The Hidden Room (1949)
- I can't imagine any witch of a woman casting a spell over you. - That's right.[CN] - 我看没有哪个女人能让你着魔 A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
-Were there other distractions?[CN] -还是那儿有让你着魔的事物? The Sound of Music (1965)
-I'd hardly call you a distraction.[CN] -我不能说是你令我着魔 The Sound of Music (1965)
You know they're the sons of falsehood[CN] 他们为什么不相信 我们着魔 Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)
He seems possessed.[CN] 他看起来着魔 Beautiful Antonia, First a Nun Then a Demon (1972)
Sometimes, you know, those little bottles contain demons that have a way of popping out at you, just as you're trying most desperately to forget.[CN] 有时 那些小瓶子装着魔鬼 会突然跑出来瞪着你 正像你要试图拚命去忘记 Rebecca (1940)
She's haunting me because she's got the Devil inside her.[CN] 她缠着我 因为她身体里藏着魔 Viy (1967)
You've become so spiteful.[CN] 你们遇着魔鬼了 The Commissar (1967)
Satan enters our souls in many ways[CN] 神父 你不相信我着魔了? Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)
And to look at him is to look at the devil's spawn, señor.[CN] And to look at him is to look at the devil's spawn, senor. 你看着他就如同看着魔鬼的孽种,先生 Strange Cargo (1940)
He became obsessed with the Gråvik legend because it's his own story.[CN] 格拉维奇的传说让它着魔 因为这就是他自己的遭遇 Lake of the Dead (1958)

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