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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[氨, ān, ] ammonia
Radical: Decomposition: 气 (qì ㄑㄧˋ)  安 (ān ) 
Etymology: [pictophonetic] gas

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[ān, , ] ammonia [Add to Longdo]
吖啶[ān ā dìng, ㄢ ㄚ ㄉㄧㄥˋ, ] aminoacridine or aminacrine (antiseptic and disinfectant) [Add to Longdo]
哮素[ān xiāo sù, ㄢ ㄒㄧㄠ ㄙㄨˋ, ] clenbuterol [Add to Longdo]
[ān jī, ㄢ ㄐㄧ, ] amino; amino group [Add to Longdo]
基甲酸酯类化合物[ān jī jiǎ suān zhǐ lèi huà hé wù, ㄢ ㄐㄧ ㄐㄧㄚˇ ㄙㄨㄢ ㄓˇ ㄌㄟˋ ㄏㄨㄚˋ ㄏㄜˊ ˋ, / ] carbamate [Add to Longdo]
基苯酸[ān jī běn suān, ㄢ ㄐㄧ ㄅㄣˇ ㄙㄨㄢ, ] aminobenzoic acid [Add to Longdo]
基葡糖[ān jī pú táng, ㄢ ㄐㄧ ㄆㄨˊ ㄊㄤˊ, ] glucosamine; abbr. for 基葡萄糖 [Add to Longdo]
基葡萄糖[ān jī pú tao táng, ㄢ ㄐㄧ ㄆㄨˊ ㄊㄠ˙ ㄊㄤˊ, ] glucosamine (C6H13NO5) [Add to Longdo]
基酸[ān jī suān, ㄢ ㄐㄧ ㄙㄨㄢ, ] amino acid [Add to Longdo]
[ān qì, ㄢ ㄑㄧˋ, / ] ammonia (gas) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Imagine if we could stop that train get out, look around and see time for what it really is.[CN] 稱钩иó ó矪 丁┏琌ぐ或妓. Kate & Leopold (2001)
She wouldn't stop laughing.[CN] ぃ Insomnia (2002)
Doesn't seem like it'll stop raining soon[CN] 癬ㄓ獴ぃ穦皑碞 Lover's Concerto (2002)
- Ammonium, nitrate.[CN] - 盐基 硝酸盐 Bang Bang You're Dead (2002)
Ended up at the cement factory, found Gephardt.[CN] 猟紅ê娩ㄓ, 祇瞷疭. A Walk to Remember (2002)
Let me stop it for a second.[CN] 穦. ㄓ. A Walk to Remember (2002)
Will just have to leave my car at the dock.[CN] 打娩 纐риó絏繷碞︽ Insomnia (2002)
Okay, you know what, get off Park as soon as you can, and then go up Madison.[CN] そ堕ó 鲸е话沉瓆此加. Kate & Leopold (2001)
Stop![CN] ó Lover's Concerto (2002)
And... cut![CN] 瞷.. ! Kate & Leopold (2001)
I've stopped responding to treatments.[CN] и竒ゎ獀励. A Walk to Remember (2002)
This has gotta stop between you two.[CN] ぇ丁驹ゲ斗ゎ. ぃ硂妓癸. A Walk to Remember (2002)

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