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仪式[yí shì, ㄧˊ ㄕˋ, / ] ceremony [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
There's a kick-ass party on the mainland.[CN] 你在干嘛? 泰特斯 听我说, 在内陆有一个揭幕仪式 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)
Let us begin.[CN] 仪式开始 Very Bad Things (1998)
There is other business conducted in the fields of fresh grass... the age-old rite of spring.[CN] 在这新鲜的草地上还有其他的事情进行著 春天里的一种古老仪式 Alaska: Spirit of the Wild (1998)
The hunt, sanctioned by international law is a sacred ritual to the lnupiats.[CN] 捕鲸行动虽受国际法庭约束 但对依努比尔的人来说是一种神圣的仪式 Alaska: Spirit of the Wild (1998)
Do you, Kyle, take this woman Laura[CN] 好,仪式开始吧 凯尔,你愿意娶萝拉为妻 Very Bad Things (1998)
The funeral shroud is the final step in the ritual of self-purification.[CN] 寿衣是自洁仪式的最后步骤 The Siege (1998)
New Jersey. Rededication ceremony is in four days.[CN] 在新泽西,四天后举行仪式 Dogma (1999)
- Wait till after the ceremony.[CN] - 等到仪式结束后。 A Night at the Roxbury (1998)
The High Priest had one ritual to perform there.[CN] 大主教必须在那里进行一个仪式. Pi (1998)
No ceremony.[CN] 没有仪式 Slums of Beverly Hills (1998)
During the ceremony, the german ambassador in Spain held a speech.[CN] 在仪式上 德国驻西班牙大使做演讲 Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998)
Probably a pregame ritual.[CN] 也许是个赛前仪式 The Faculty (1998)

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